Paint paint paint

2 Mar

I am painting again!

and I’m really excited to use Gloss Varnish! ^_^
I’ve always wanted to make shiny glass like paintings and now I can. SO I’m going to varnish ALL THE THINGS!!!!!

Getting ready for a small local sale in April. Trying to make money to afford to buy things for face painting for the gigs I have this summer. So I figured, I have paint.. and lots of canvas, so lets try and sell some art.

I have sooo much to do to prepare for this summer but I haven’t had any contracts returned so I’m not making any moves yet.

but I need to buy a tent, restock paint, buy more brushes and sponges, get a menu board printed, get new cards printed, new shirt printed, finish web site, print new signs… to say the least.

So far I have (penciled in)

Art in the park show June 13th

School BBQ June 18 in the afternoon

Rib fest Aug 7, 8, 9th

doesn’t seem like a lot, but Rib fest alone is enough to give me an ulcer. lol


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