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lovin’ Bloglovin

17 Apr

With the imminent death of  Google reader upon us, I’ve had to find a new way to read blogs.
I tried to just favorite them one by one and go though them daily.. but what a chore!

So I started looking for other readers.

Bloglovin was the first one I found and I honestly I just stopped there. I’m sure there are other wonderful feed readers out there, but I’m a believer in love at first sight (and too lazy continue my search)
Bloglovin gave me what I needed, a new easy to read feed and joy! it syncs with Google reader 🙂
I do enjoy the search feature and the social aspect of bloglovin followers, only thing I miss is the automatic “read” Google reader gave you. All in all its a great trade so far and I don’t have eleventlybillion favorites to go though 🙂

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