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Bow down to the Bow

20 Feb

I love that bows are back in style! ( were they ever out?)
I think they are the perfect little cuteness touch without going all Hello Kitty Bling!

Try it! Add a bow to the most ordinary thing you can find, and TA-DAA! you’ve just upped

the cuteness factor elevenity billion times!! 

Take my dish sponge for example.
ImageGranted that this bow is going to fall right off if I use it to actually clean (ha-ha who am I kidding- I don’t clean!) but its great to use dry and wipe crumbs off the counter top.

I’m crawling all over Pinterest to find some bow-spiration and continue making mo’ bows.
They will be getting their very own board 🙂


to sew or buy?

15 Feb

I love my kitty cat, I really do, but I really wish she didn’t have claws!!

I don’t think its fair to de-claw cats (how would you like your nails ripped out??) and I would  lose too much blood trying to put those nail caps on- so I must put up with scratches on my arms and ruined leather parsons chairs.

I’m on the search for slip covers for the chairs, but haven’t had much luck. I would usually just make them myself, but I do not have my sewing machine. 

From what I have found online, the cheapest chair cover is going to be about 40 dollars.
I can get all new parsons chairs at Walmart for 40…. what’s a girl to do??  
If I get the covers, I can take them off so the cat cant ruin them too.
New chairs = new scratching posts.
BUT new chairs are closer and easier to get than the slip covers…

Hmmm, maybe I can find some pillow case-to-slip cover tutorial or something…. off to search!



Hi, My name is Crys

14 Feb

and I am a Pinaholic.

I think Pinterest may be my favourite social vice.
There isn’t a day I don’t Pin something.
Mostly its DIY stuff and pictures of cats ( isn’t that what the internet is made for anyway?  Cat pictures?)
I’ve found it to be rather motivating. I’m not a Pin now, never do-er. I’ve made quite a few of the crafty things I Pin. Being a visual person this is the best possible thing for me! I hate reading how to books, I just want to DO.

Right now I’m obsessed with painting glassware! It’s such a quick and easy way to add colour to the rooms, and cheap to boot!

Also, I’ve found a love for wire LOVE jewellery and bows.  Made a few things for the girls in the office for valentine’s day 🙂

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