Liquid Salad

26 Feb

I have to say, this is the first Juice Fail since we started.
The Husbino tried to make a Veggie juice without a recipe this morning. Lets just say it can be described by one word, SLUDGE. I didn’t bother to take a picture of it, but you can make one in your mind if you would like. Imagine liquified snails, or pond scum, or melted green play-doh in a glass on ice. Sounds tasty, eh? šŸ˜‰

The breakfast juice I posted turned out GREAT though. It will most definitely be my go to morningĀ juice.

I was also treated to an awesome veal dinner. It was defiantly the best I’ve ever had.

Last night was a friend from works engagement party, it was very sweet. The couple looked so happy and in love, and their family is so welcoming. It was great to watch them and it made me realize how much I want a big close family.
I’m very excited to attend the reception of their wedding! I’m excited to attend all the weddings we have in store this year and next!


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