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Liquid Salad

26 Feb

I have to say, this is the first Juice Fail since we started.
The Husbino tried to make a Veggie juice without a recipe this morning. Lets just say it can be described by one word, SLUDGE. I didn’t bother to take a picture of it, but you can make one in your mind if you would like. Imagine liquified snails, or pond scum, or melted green play-doh in a glass on ice. Sounds tasty, eh? ūüėČ

The breakfast juice I posted turned out GREAT though. It will most definitely be my go to morning juice.

I was also treated to an awesome veal dinner. It was defiantly the best I’ve ever had.

Last night was a friend from works engagement party, it was very sweet. The couple looked so happy and in love, and their family is so welcoming. It was great to watch them and it made me realize how much I want a big close family.
I’m very excited to attend the reception of their wedding! I’m excited to attend all the weddings we have in store this year and next!


Short week, not so short.

23 Feb

Today was a bust.
I woke up with a killer headache and ended up not going into the office.
It either the way I slept, or the detox from  all the fruits and veg my body isnt use to.
Either way I felt really bad that I wasn’t there, totally forgot one of the girls had the day off so there were only¬†two in the office!! oops.

Todays juice was pretty delish. watermelon isn’t my choice of fruit, I don’t like the texture and it doesn’t have a taste to me but it makes great juice.

The Husbino made an AWESOME veal dinner tonight. I wish there were left overs cause I’m starving. This Apple, Ginger, Lemon juice isn’t doing the trick.
Got some jars to take juice to work in. Morning juice will be
– 3 carrots
– 2 small orange
– handful grapes
– 1 med. apple
This is the first recipe I’ve followed, not sure where I saw it so I can’t give credit.



22 Feb

So the Husbino and I got a Juicer the other night. We bought one for Mom at Christmas and I’ve been wanting my own ever since. It’s just a small one from Wallyworld, but it does the job!

Tonight we made Apple Cucumber Spinach Grape Juice.


It was really good! Wish we had made more (cause I’m still hungry!)
See, the hubby and I are going to try to stick to a juice diet. Not so much a “diet”in the sense that it’s all we will consume, but in the effort for better health we will be replacing meals with vitamin packed fruit and vegetable juice.
There are a lot a Juice advocates out there, you tube is full of them. There is even something called Fruitarianism-like vegetarianism, but only fruit I guess. Very interesting stuff.
My Mom has been suffering from random hives for a while now and the Dr’s says she’s not allergic to anything. She came across this show called,¬†Fat Sick and Nearly Dead¬†which turned her onto Juicing. This man, as far as I know from watching a few episodes, only drinks Juice. He has a juicer int he back of his van and stops at local fruit stands and makes up his lunch in the parking lot! Its amazing really, and I wish I had the self-discipline to stick to it. Unfortunately, ¬†I need carbs and meat at least once a wouldn’t be pretty if I didn’t.

So I hope you wont mind me sharing my Juice pictures.

Juice isn’t the only thing I made tonight though!

I put together a few jewelry hangers for my bathroom. I have a Tree from Umbra but it doesn’t fit since I have to¬†share¬†a bathroom again with my better half.
Got the supplies from the Dollar store, all together everything cost about 9 bucks. Not nearly enough for all my stuff, but these are the go to pieces.


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